Soft ıce – Soft serve toz karışımlar

Soft serve, also known as soft ice, is a frozen dairy dessert that is similar to ice cream but is softer and less viscosity as a result of the air coming in during freezing period.

Soft serve  milk fat (3 - 6 percent) is normally lower  than normal ice cream (10 to 18 percent) and is produced at −4 ° C compared to ice cream.

Soft ice cream contains air that enters at the during period of freezing. The air volume  introduced into the soft ice can range from 0 to 60 percent of the total volume of the finished product. The amount of air changes the taste of the finished product. The product with a low amount of air has a heavy, icy flavor and appears more yellow.

With a higher air content, soft ice tastes creamy, smoother and lighter and looks whiter. The optimum amount of air is determined by other ingredients, if any, and individual taste. It is generally accepted that the ideal air content should be between 33 and 45 percent by volume. If more than that, the product loses its flavor, tends to shrink as it loses air, and melts faster than with less air. Below 33 to 45 percent, the product will not melt as quickly, but will not taste good.

All ice creams should be frozen quickly to prevent crystallization. Soft ices are made with a special soft ice machines at the point of sale with a high breathability capacity. The pre-mixed product (see definitions below) is introduced into the machine's storage room where it is kept at 3 ° C. When the product is drawn from the withdrawal valve, the fresh mixture is combined with the targeted amount of air and fed into the freezing room either by gravity or by a pump. It is then mixed and quickly frozen and stored until serving.   

The premix can be obtained in several ways:

• Soft ice cream powder is a dried version of the liquid mixture. It has the advantage of being easy to make and stored for a long time without deterioration. Soft ice cream powders are prepared by mixing with water or milk homogeneously.

• Liquid soft ice cream is a liquid mixture sterilized by heat treatment and placed in closed sterile packages. It can last a very long time without being cooled and is used by pouring into the soft ice machine immediately after opening.

Soft ıce – Soft Serve Toz Karışımlar
Soft ıce – Soft Serve Toz Karışımlar